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In the first three time periods, you will meet a shoemaker in Torras who will offer you magic boots if you take part in a race.  The more times you win the better the prize.  It is worth doing.

Keep checking alcoves and barrels as there are lots of rewards out there (in the Dark Tower in the forth time period I found 5 violet potions).  Do not get too close to the barrels or the explosion will give you a whack

In the forest and city, if you shoot all the beehives there is a useful reward.


Practice your jumping this is a really important skill:
    Jump then forwards good for steps.
    Forwards then jump good for small gaps.
    Run, forwards then jump goes a long way.

Sword fighting

You will do loads of this.  Do not get too close, if you are face to face with the enemy you cannot hit them - step back a bit and try again.  Regular slashes will prevent the enemy from retaliating.

Guards and Thieves

You will often see guards and thieves before they see you. Try to get in a couple of crossbow bolts, (this is where the 0-ins key comes in really useful).  As the game progresses they get stronger - magic is a good way to wear them down.  And in later periods they often go in pairs - as you enter paths, glades and passages if you can see one, the other is probably hidden.

Odds and Sods

The bats are real pain - shoot them before they take off, it will allow you to bimble around without getting whacked.

Keep your energy and magic topped up - there are loads of opportunities to collect potions and herbs (in barrels and chests for example).

The blacksmith will restore your armour and the shopkeeper will sell you potions and herbs so try to collect as much money as possible.

Top Tip: Stuff is more expensive in the later Eras, so go back in time to stock up.

When you collect magic it is often the best one to use next.

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