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Forest 1

Tree in the wolves glade
On the cliffs in Zatila's glade
Behind the long branch in the bat glade
Near the monastery
The tall tree in the wooded path
2 on the tree by the boars
Below the rock platforms
Up and to the right of rock pools (thanks Martin Gregoire and David Steinberg)
In the entrance to Torras

Torras 1

Under the shop awning
On the wall just before the blacksmith
On the city wall when you jump onto the boxes
Above the chickens
Near Bolduk
Just before the steps
On the wall opposite the top of the steps
On the wall in the dead end to the left of the Inn
On the Castle wall (by the stream)
In the well

Torras 2

By the main gate
2 near the stairs
2 in the path to the Field of Courage
Under the balcony
To the left of the door to the Inn
On the Castle wall above the stream
High up on the path leading to the laboratory
On the pipe next to entrance to Laboratory

Forest 3

At exit of tunnel leading to Gogoud
Above Zatila's cave
Tree in the bat glade
On the stone arch
End of rock tunnel (passage)
Tree in the ghost glade
Tall tree at end of wooded path
In the entrance to the secret passage
In the entrance to Torras (Chris Needham found this one)

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