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Gogoud's Manor 1

Use the training dummies and learn to use the sword, crossbow and magic. Get the key, cross the suspension bridge and open the gate to the forest.

Forest 1

In the forest, you will be confronted with a number of enemies including wolves, bats, wild boars, and an outlaw, you can run past or attack - it is good practice.  Head for the village of Torras.

Torras 1

Defeat the guard and talk to Galadrielle.  Go the Inn to save the game (this works in all time periods).  Find Bolduk, you will need to know where he is later. Find the well, jump into it and press the button. In the room below the well, find the button below the platform and press it.  Run to the lift and jump onto it - watch out for the bats. Follow the drains into the castle.

Castle 1

Defeat the guard.  Get onto the footbridges on either side of the garden and operate the two levers to open the inner drawbridge. Enter the castle and go upstairs.

Dungeon 1

Steal the keys as the executioner passes the cell. Escape, release Talboth from his cell and press the blue button. Follow the path until you arrive in the room with the executioner.  Collect your weapons and defeat the executioner.  Operate the lever to free the magician. Follow the magician.  Lots of obstacles on your way up to the throne room. When you get to the ghost room, defeat the ghosts and look for the passageway near the stream. Go down the passageway till you get to the room with gold. Defeat the skeleton and collect the Ice Trinity Magic (thanks to Pipps for this tip). Now leave the ghost room, the exit is to the right of where you came in.


When you get to the Throne Room, run up the stairs, and defeat Granslak.

Top Tip: You can hit him two or three times with your sword before he backs away. Hide quickly before he attacks with his morning star.

With Granslak defeated jump down and try to jump on his helmet or slash it with your sword before it disappears, the reward is worth it (thanks to Brainy for this tip). Get the Dragon Breastplate near the throne. Head for the monastery.

Monastery 1

Defeat Talboth and his mate. Take the right-hand entrance and enter the monastery proper through the door to the right.  Operate the lever on each floor to get to the top (but watch out for the guards). Jump down from the first floor to get the Electric Trinity Magic.


Negotiate the platforms to get to the very top.  Defeat the Mhassa to release the Royal Jewel. Collect the first Royal Jewel, leave the Monastery and head back through the forest.

Top Tip: To defeat Mhassa keep moving until his back is near the balustrade. Run forwards, jump and slash at his head. He will back off and fall down the hole. If you are lucky you can defeat him with one hit. Remember he will try to jump on you, keep attacking and he will not be able to attack you.

Top tip 2. Mhassa will follow you about so jump onto the table where he won't be able to attack. It is easy now to force him backwards and defeat him (thanks to Nina Barry for this tip).

Forest 1

Meet Zatila just after the hollow tree trunk. Give him the Dragon Breastplate and he will take you to the Sky. Map.

Sky 1

Collect 40 Power Crystals to charge the first Royal Jewel. Leave the sky by directing Zatila towards the forest (use the compass). Enemy dragons will begin attacking - you can shoot or avoid them.

Top Tip: When you fly use gentle movements, flapping his wings wears Zatila out. Keep the target on the crystals and fly as fast as possible, this is good practice for the other time periods.

Gogoud's Manor 1

Go to the sundial and slash it until a beam of light appears. Go into it and slash the sundial again to go to the second time period (moon).


Gogoud's Manor 2

Defeat the soldiers. Go through the door and down the stairs and find the laboratory.  Note the colour sequence on the wall.  Now find the buttons.

Solution: Go up the ladder and follow the walkway. Go towards the laboratory and find the alcove.  Go up the stairs and jump onto the walkway.

Go to the secret room, read the journal. Follow the path into the cave and collect the Electric Oracle Magic. Head for the Torras.

Torras 2

Speak to the guard and woman at the entrance.  Head for the Laboratory.

An Aside: There is a little girl standing on some barrels nearby, if you shoot the barrels she flies up into the sky. I'll let you find out when she comes back down! (Thanks to Jay Burton for this tip).

Laboratory 2

Defeat the guards. Enter the prison and free the three Magicians using the lever and button. Press the button next to the door. Now complete the sound puzzle.

Solution: You must press the button by the exit and the three buttons on the walls of the cells (3,2,1,2) to open the door.

Defeat the guards, pull the lever and run round the corner before the gate closes (put your sword away first). Go into Ragoth's room. Defeat the suit of magic armour (which keeps coming alive). Jump into the cages, press both buttons and shoot the sceptre to open up the door. Enter the library, defeat the suits of armour and head up to the Astrolabe.

Astrolabe 2

Confront and battle Ragoth. If you can beat him without getting hit you will get a very rewarding reward - I got burnt and only got a blue potion (thank you Brainy).

Top Tip: Keep moving or you will get burnt. Try to avoid his magic - it will kill you quickly

Solve the colour puzzle to get the Ice Javelin Magic.

Solution: Biggest planet first: blue, purple, green, orange, yellow

Laboratory 2

Use the Ice Javelin magic spell to release Gogoud. Put out the fire in the alcove and press the button to open the gate.

Forest 2

Head towards the first glade where a new path has opened. Fight the brigands. Meet Karon, who will give you her bracelet to take back in time to her father.

Torras 2

Travel back to the first time period using the sundial in Torras.

Torras 1

Speak to Karon's father and show him the bracelet. Return to Torras 2 and head for the forest.

Forest 2

Head for the new path and speak to the brigand. Go the glade with the hollow tree. Find the button in the big tree and jump on the lift. Find Karon, return the bracelet and collect the Bandit Badge and pass to the Field of Courage. Head for the Field of Courage.

Field of Courage 2

Give the pass to Senekal to open the gate to the Park. Defeat the Gladiator.

Top Tip: Don't jump directly towards him. Try using magic - which magic will best defeat fire - three good shots is all it takes.

Enter the tunnel and head for the jewel room. Jump down to get the Fire Ring Magic. Shoot the bracelet to open the door. Enter the jewel room and fight the Three headed Dragon.

Top Tip: The eye colour will tell you the best magic to use.

Top Tip 2: The dragons cannot attack you in the corner. If you stand with your back to the wall the dragons can only attack from the front.

Follow the tunnel and collect new armour and the Jewel of Mankind. Head for Zatila's glade.

Sky 2

Charge the Jewel of Mankind with 50 power crystals, go to Gogoud's Manor and enter the third time period (leaf).


Gogoud's Manor 3

Speak to Gogoud. Complete the puzzle to the secret room (same as before). Extinguish the fire wall, speak to Rave and head for the forest.

Forest 3

Enter the brigand's village, find the new door and solve the puzzle to collect the Electric Javelin magic.

Top Tip: follow the sequence above the door.

Head for Torras but watch out for the log fall in the forest.

Torras 3

Go past the Inn and jump in the stream. You will see the Fire Trinity Magic in the culvert.  To open the gate press the five buttons hidden in the city.

Solution: in the well, upstairs in the inn, on the wooden platform near the main gate, on a house wall at the left end of the stream, in the path leading to the Park.

Collect the Fire Trinity Magic. Look up to find the ladder on the house wall. Follow the balcony and jump into the castle.

Castle 3

Go to the throne room. Go upstairs and speak to Senekal and the young Prince. Have a look behind the throne. Go back to the second time period.

Top Tip: Defeat all the guards (including the one on the battlements) and there is a reward (thanks to Chris Needham for this tip).

Field of Courage 2

Defeat Senekal and get his weapons. Return to the third time period and head for the monastery.

Top Tip: Senekal will always jump away - try to anticipate where he is going and meet him there.

Monastery 3

Enter the main gate. Defeat the guards and go through the door not the archway.  There is a lever on the far wall that opens the bridge. Climb the ladder and go into Senekal's and Prince Taskan IV's hiding place. Give Senekal his weapons and return to Gogoud's Tower.

Gogoud's Manor 3

Go to the secret room and talk to Gogoud who will open the path to the stone circle.

Forest 3

Go to the new path in the brigands wood.  Speak to Nolin. Go to the henge.  Solve the puzzle and put out the torches to open the teleporter gate.

Top Tip: you need to be quick. Make sure the last pillar you set is next to the trilith (archway), turn quickly to face the altar and be ready to jump on to the pillars. (It took me ages to do this the first time I played).

Lost City 3

Jump the pit. Jump onto the light platforms. Defeat the ghost and skeletons and negotiate the pendulums. Defeat the evil Hype.  He is a master of all weapons and magic.

Top Tip: Your sword is the best defence - watch out for the Dragon Magic.

Top Tip 2: When he uses the Ice Oracle magic, jump in close and you can attack him before he recovers (thanks to Chris Needham for this tip).

Collect the Jewel of Virtue and leave with Zatila.

Sky 3

Collect 60 power crystals to charge up the Jewel of Virtue.  Head for Gogoud's Tower, go to the forth time period (eclipse) and come back again (it's an ambush).

Gogoud's Manor 3

Gogoud tells you to find the Almanacs in the Monastery, Laboratory and Dark tower. He can then alter them to prevent the ambush.  Head for the monastery.

Monastery 3

Enter the monastery.  If you go through the door on the far wall the monks will see you.  Climb from floor to floor to ring the bell at the top which make the monks leave the library.

Top Tip: The second archer is difficult to see - go up to the platform in the far right corner, shoot the barrel which sets fire to him (tee hee) and start shooting.

Go into the library, find the five buttons that open the gate and get the almanac. Head for the castle.

Solution: The five buttons are, on the doorframe, behind a writing desk, in the corner between two bookcases, on two writing desks at the far end.

Top Tip: Use magic against the tapestry guards.

Castle 3

Go to the throne room. Put out the fire and go to the secret room. Speak to Rave. Head for Zatila's glade.

Sky 3

Fly to the Dark Tower - watch out for the dragons.

Top Tip: To land on the tower, fly down into the mist between the tower and outer ring, pe into hole.

Dark Tower 3

Defeat the three ghosts in the first room and collect the three parts of the symbol of evil.

Top Tip: Use the Ice Javelin Magic against the ghosts.

Go down through the tower through the hidden passages. Hang the symbol of evil on the wall and solve the puzzle.

Solution: red, yellow then blue teleporters.

Go to Enost's room, be careful not to be seen. To distract Enost, shoot the suit of armour. Enost goes towards the fallen armour to pick it up so rush in and collect the Almanac. The Ice Ring Magic is hidden in the Black Tower. Use the red, yellow, yellow, red teleporters and look around (Thanks to MCI Burton for this tip - how he found it I will never know). Head for Torras.

Torras 3

You need to get into the laboratory but the gates are sealed. The only other way in is through the sewers so it is down the well again.

Laboratory 3

Climb the sloping pipe and press the button. Defeat the tapestry guards. They are difficult to fight so use magic. Note the puzzle sequence behind the lava fountain. Climb the ladder to the courtyard with the pipe machine. Go up to the platform and complete the puzzle. Go to the laboratory and note the puzzle sequence above the fireplace. Return to pipe machine and complete the lava puzzle to activate the upper pipe.  Three archers will now attack. Complete the fireplace puzzle to open the secret passage. Collect the Alchemist's Almanac and return to the Gogoud's Tower.

Gogoud's Manor 3

Give Gogoud the three almanacs. Go to the forth time period.


Big Hint: Watch out for guards everywhere, they are much stronger in this Era.

Gogouds Tower 4

Defeat the guards. Talk to Gogoud in his secret room.

Forest 4

There are loads of guards between you and Torras.  The only ones you really need to worry about are those in the last glade and the entrance to Torras (you can run past the rest).

Torras 4

Defeat the guards in the main courtyard and operate the lever. Talk to the blacksmith. There is a trap set for you in the long path, you have to defeat two guards. Go to the Inn and talk to Vibe on the second floor and collect the key to the dungeon. Enter the Castle through the sewer or roof passage.

Castle 4

Go to the throne room and open the gate to dungeon.

Dungeon 4

Press the button at the end of the water filled cellar (at the bottom of the the stairs) to open the passage entrance. Raise the cage to free the King.  Follow the King to the cells where the Queen and a knight are being held prisoner. Operate the lever. Go to the ghost room and jump in the stream.  Follow the King and you will come to Hype's room.

Castle 4

Collect the Electric Dragon magic. Speak to Gogoud who tells you to go to the Lost City.  Leave the fortress through the well or over the rooftops. Travel to the third time period (leaf). Head for the forest.

Forest 3

Go to the stone circle, and solve the puzzle (same as before).

Lost City 4

Collect the Ice Dragon magic which is hidden in the niche by the last pendulum.  Solve the colour puzzle.

Solution: copy the jewel colour using the flagstones - do not step on the same flagstone twice.

Talk to Drareg who will tell you about the four Royal Standards. Collect the forth Royal Jewel.  Leave the lost city and return to the forth time period. All the guards are back so watch out. Head for Zatila's glade.

Sky 4

Collect 70 power crystals to charge up the jewel and return to the Inn in Torras.

Torras 4

Talk to Vibe and collect Royal Standard IV.  Go to the third time period.

Torras 3

Go to the inn to speak to Laffyth who will tell you that Royal Standard III is in the Field of Courage and that the brigands have a plan to steal it.  Head for the forest.

Forest 3

Go to the path in the first glade (where you first met Karon) and she will show you the new passage to the Field of Courage.

Field of Courage 3

Jump the pillars and go along the tunnel to the room with the swinging balls. Burst the barrels and operate the lever to raise the pillar in the centre of the room. Try to get to the pillar before it goes back down.  Collect the Royal Standard and return to Torras.

Torras 3

Travel to the second time period and go to the inn and speak to the innkeeper who will direct you to the brigands village.

Brigands Village 2

Find Karon. She tells you that Taskan II usually leaves the Royal Standard in the monastery and gives you a key for the main door. (Thanks to Vicki and Joelle for pointing out my mistake on this bit)

Monastery 2

Go to the library where the Royal Standard is hidden.  Watch out for the tapestry soldiers.  Return to Torras 2.

Torras 2

Travel to the first time period and go into the inn to speak to Klouthier who will tell you that Royal Standard is in the castle.  Enter the castle through the well.

Castle 1

Open the drawbridge and go to the throne room.  The Royal Standard is hidden behind the throne.  Return to the forth time period and head for Zatila's glade.

Sky 4

Fly to the Dark Tower and pe through the hole in the cloud.

Dark Tower 4

Collect the Fire Dragon magic and enter the tower.  Go down the same way you did before but watch out, there are even more skeletons, ghosts and guards than before.  The teleporter combination is the same as before (red, yellow, blue).

Top Tip: keep checking the barrels - there is lots of purple potion to find.

Enter Enost's lab. The doors close and a robot enters.  Defeat the robot but beware of all his tricks (keep moving). Take the key to the upper Tower and operate the button in one of the rooms to activate the teleporter. Return to the ghost room and climb the new passage (behind the walls). Use the key to open the gate and climb the tower. In the first room, defeat the guards. To open the gates you must operate the levers in the correct order.

Top Tip: Up the ladder, operate the lever, jump into the small tower, operate both lower levers.

Climb the ladders and operate the lever to activate the lift. Climb the tower.  On every floor there are enemies to defeat.  When you have defeated them all jump onto the pillar which will take you to the top of the tower.

Top Tip: If you have not defeated all the enemies the pillar will not rise.

Barnak's Dragon

The dragon will breath fire and try to blow you off the tower by beating his wings.  If you get too close he will jump on you.  To defeat him jump and slash his head or if you have enough magic use the Fire Dragon magic.


This is a mighty battle (it took me 10 minutes).  He is very fast, disappears and uses magic all the time.  If I tell you all the tricks you will not have the fun I did.. But if you are really stuck click here.


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