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The cloud puzzle in Myst IV - Revelation seems to be causing as many problems as the timed crystal puzzle in Spire.

But if your frustration has got the better of you then a solution is at hand:

Download the solved cloud puzzle

(right click and 'save link as')

PC Users

From your desktop, open 'My Documents' and copy the downloaded file into the 'myst4-revelation savegames' folder.

MAC Users

I have been informed that you need to copy the game into the 'save' folder in the Myst IV directory (If you are a MAC user then a more detailed explanation would be most appreciated).

Using The Saved Game

Start Myst IV - Revelation and load the 'Cloud Complete' saved game (dated 30th April).

And since this is my saved game not yours, you will need my amulet solution to unlock the door in the Old Memory Chamber:

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