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There are currently three versions of the Serenia map for you to peruse:

Large (138kb) | Small (52kB) | Interactive (78kB)

As with all maps I have generated over the years, I began with that modern technological marvel, the paper and pencil. After scanning in, I tidied up, coloured in and added all the captions.

Sounds simple really. Took about a week to do though. Here are examples of the interim stages:

From left to right, they are: the scanned image, cleaned up, differentiated for rendering and the rendered image. And all done using nothing more sophisitcated than 'microsoft paint'

Obduction Scratches MystMyst II: Riven Myst III: Exile Myst IV: Revelation Myst V: End of Ages Uru - Ages Beyond Myst Uru - To D'ni Uru - Path of the Shell Dark Fall - The Journal Dark Fall - Light's Out Rhem Rhem 2 - The Cave Rhem 3 - The Secret Library Reah Schizm Riddle of the Sphinx The Omega Stone Amerzone Zork - Nemesis Zork Grand Inquisitor Hype - Time Quest

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