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By Knut Muller


Rhem 3 Walkthrough

If you have already played the first two Rhem games then you know what to expect: puzzles. And you will also know that every single panel, pattern, colour and switch has significance. And you will also know that you only get to see little bits of the whole arena at a time. But when you do finally work out how to unlock the door a whole new set of puzzles will confront you.


If you haven't played the other two games then it's not a problem - there is almost no story to follow. All you need to do is help Kales and Zetais find a hidden artifact. And that's it, nothing more complicated than a bit of detective work.

Already, by looking the images you can guess that conduit colour will have some significance or the patterns on the railings the clue to a control panel.


There are some hints that have emerged about game. Unlike the previous games, Rhem 3 takes place on a number of levels, up and down rather than the huge sprawling vistas we saw in Rhem 1 or the caverns of Rhem2. And whilst there will be lots of new places to explore, we will see some familiar places. And we will meet again the mysterious lady in red from Rhem 2.


The Secret Library promises to have the same simple controls as we have already encountered - just move your mouse in the direction you want to go and click. Go to the center to move forwards and click on things to turn them on or off.

I also suspect that you will need to keep lots of notes in order to keep from getting lost and solve all the puzzles. I hope to be able to draw a map - not sure yet how to show different levels but that is half the fun.



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