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The 6 possible steps are:

Dark: Elucidation, Interpretation, Modification

Light: Transmogrification, Origination, Replication

And the conditions are:

No light immediately before or after light. No dark immediately before or after dark.

Replication and Interpretation are always used. Replication always precedes Interpretation

Transmogrification is always before Elucidation.

Since the imbubing must start with Origination (light), the next step must be dark. It can't be Interpretation since it comes after Replication and it can't be Elucidation since that comes after Transmogrification.

Step 2 is therefore Modification (dark). Replication (light) and Interpretation (dark) are always used so they must be steps 3 and 4 leaving only one light step: Transmogrification.

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