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You awaken from a nightmare and climb out of bed. It is dark outside but you cannot sleep. Leave the cottage and make your way through the village to the docks. Nowhere to go at the moment so head back to the warmth of your cottage. On the way, note the open door on your left and a voice that calls 'over here'. Inside the doorway waits Robert Demarion who requests that you join him in a mission of the utmost importance but asks that you collect some items of importance from the cottage.

Go there now and take a good look around. On the bed is your diary. Hallo Benjamin Parker. Read the diary, especially the bits about the lighthouse. When you get to the page describing your breakfast with Robert Demarion you will be transported back to his kitchen on that warm summer's morning. Take a look around. In the pantry is a fudge box (yum yum) and inside is Robert's notebook (not so yum yum). He describes the tunnel under the Fetch Rock lighthouse. Inside the notebook is a computer disk, take it with you. At the back of the diary are two photographs.

Go back to the pictures on the wall and click on either of the two birds to be returned to Benjamin's cottage. Read the rest of his diary and get ready to leave. Robert Demarion has gone so head for the dock and climb in the boat.

Note: This can be a really picky part of the game so if you can't get on the boat, here is a saved game that works.


With the sounds of poetry as accompaniment, you are taken to Fetch Rock. It is still very dark. At the back of the island are some stairs leading up to the lighthouse. Can't find them? Face your boat with the sea on your left. Turn right, forwards, left, forwards and then right. Up the steps and on the wall of the lighthouse annex is an emergency light switch. Switch on the emergency lights and go inside the annex. Down the stairs is the main generator.

Starting the Genarator

Use your lamp round the back of the generator to find the three priming levers. In the coal room opposite are three fuel cocks on the left and a speaking tube on the right. Tucked behind the speaking tube is a diagram; each ship is associated with a different number of dots. Leave the coal room and face the stairs. Down on the left is something in the shadow. Look closer and shine your lamp. Pick up the scroll and open it out. There is a diagram which shows the sequences for the priming levers and fuel cock.

Using the diagrams, you can work out that the position of the levers is given by the ships and the sequence is given by the number of dots. You will discover however that the diagram is back to front when you try to start the generator.

boats   Cellar

Go round to the back of the generator again and pull down the middle, right and left levers. Go to the fuel cocks and press them in the order: middle, bottom, top.

The lights come on and you are able to enter the storeroom. Climb the stairs and open the door to the lighthouse proper. Climb the spiral staircase to the first floor.

The Lighthouse

Examine everything on the landing and go into the kitchen. It seems that the lighthouse keepers left in a hurry. Looking around you will notice the box to the right of the door which is full of blankets. Push them to one side and open the hidden compartment. Inside is a picture of a ship and a code of some sort:


Leave the room and climb the stairs to the next floor. The door leads to the keeper's bunk. Go to the dresser on the left and read the letters hidden behind the picture on the wall and the mirror. It seems that Drake is not who he seems. Leave the room and climb the stairs to the top floor.

Drake's Room

The door to Drake's room is locked. Use the code you found in the galley to open to the door, push the buttons in the order shown on the paper: 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 4

Inside Drake's room take a good look around. Below the bed are two drawers. Read the letters to Drake from Demarion, it seems that your visit is a little more than you expected. The bottom drawer is locked. On the desk is a diary. Drake has had the same dreams as you and also dreamed of a Fetch Rock without the lighthouse - he has an etching somewhere. More worryingly though is the fact the 'He' is waiting for you (Parker, not really you). Note the date of his last entry: 29 April 1912.

Next to the window are pictures of his children. On the back of the pictures are their ages: William 18 and Catherine 24. Shine your lamp on the picture above the bed. Peel back the picture of the tower and a switch is revealed that opens the bottom drawer. Inside is a sketch of the path to the cave (you read about that in Demarion's notebook) and a sketch of the lighthouse with 4 coloured squares:


Step back and go to the closet. Shine your light to the left and move the coat out of the way. There is a locked secret compartment that you don't know enough about to open yet.

The Cave beneath Fetch Rook

Leave Drake's room and go down the generator room and from there back outside. Let's see if we can find the cave. Round the back of the lighthouse is a ladder. Climb down and follow the path round to the beach. Keep going and on the left is the entrance to the cave. Once inside a voice calls out 'over here'. Go round the boxes and you will see another tunnel. At the end of the tunnel strange coloured lights flash across the stones. Weird. Turn about and walk back to the cave which is now full of water (?). Leave the cave and not only is it daylight but the whole of Fetch Rock has changed.


Turn right and follow the path to the right. Enter the building and take a look around. The slideshow shows Trewarthan during WW2. On the desk is a computer - shove the Haddon floppy disk into the drive and listen to some eerie voices. The radio (Ralf) has a dial missing and the poster on the wall tells you that it is haunted. You can also examine the Royal Air Force pictures on the display board.

Leave the building and take a look at the telescope. You need some cash to get it to work. Go back down the path until you see some steps on the left. Climb the stairs to the entrance of the visitors centre. It's locked - well there's a surprise.

Go back down and go striaght on to the ticket booth on the right. On the wall of the booth is a note next to the green mug that looks like the door buttons to the visitors centre. Can't reach it yet - need something long to help. Go to the dock area and over on the left is a gaff (spear thing). Pick it up and take it with you.

Back to the ticket booth. Use the gaff to spear the note to get the code: 5582, don't know who Diane and Ben are.

The Lighthouse

Head for the entrance to the lighthouse. Enter the code you saw in the note (5582) and the door opens. Inside the foyer take a good look around. There is a book by Tim Pike (last seen in Dowerton) on the counter. Round by the cash register are some notes about missing money and some letters from Polly White about the ghosts. The shift plan on the wall has Ben penciled in against 29 April 2004 - same date as Drake's last entry in his diary. Behind the counter are some CDs that you can play while reading the book titled, Horror at Fetch Rock. In the transcript by the slightly eccentric Horten he mentions Drake's secret storage cupboard. The code is the birthdates of his children with the prefix 'R'.

Leave the foyer and go through the curtains and down to the old boiler room. There is a big picture of a lighthouse keeper on the wall. Below is a folder with details of the EVP/EMP Goggles and a letter inviting polly to investigate the haunting. In her rucksack is a camera. Click on it and it takes a picture. Press the round button next to the screen and find out who you are. Creepy. The other pictures are the odd goings on in the lighthouse. The Dictaphone has a recording of Polly's hypnosis. This is getting weird. Read her diary and it becomes a little clearer.

Also a bit odd is the big picture of the lighthouse keeper, look away and then look again...

Go through to the old storeroom and read all about lighthouses. There are also some Stone Age artifacts in the cabinet. Up the stairs and press the button on the window to hear a re-enactment by Shaw and Wolfe. Up again and take a look in the café. Can you hear footsteps?

Up to the top and look to your right. The door says 'Staff Only'. This was Drake's room and if you look into the keyhole Polly comes close and asks if you want to help her. Remember her hypnosis, knock once in the left of the keyhole. She asks if you are going to do to her what you did to the others. Knock twice on the right of the keyhole. She has something for you, a map of Fetch Rock and more importantly the location of the EMP Goggles:

Fetch Rock

Metal Plates

Before you go and look for the goggles, climb the ladder. The lens has gone but there is a dummy looking at something. Take a look yourself and you will see a metal plate screwed to the top of the fuel tank:


Also in the room are some nice piccies and a puzzle box made by Andrew Verney. The images on the 4 sliders are similar to the plate on the top of the fuel tank. What you need to do is find the plates numbered 1 to 4.

You will need to do some wandering around but the plates are located as follows:

On the wall of the cubicle in the ladies toilet:


On the base of the tower to the right of the landing station:


On the side of the lighthouse. You will need some money for the telescope, there is some under a paper cup in the gents toilets. Look below the urinals. Go now to the telescope and stick the money in the slot. Pan about until you see the plate:


On the side of the waste bin in the picnic area:


There is also a plate behind the bell on the top floor and in the dark corner of the old coal room (use your lamp to see it).

Back up to the the lamp room and move the sliders in the order: 3 1 4 2. The music box begins to play and the drawer opens to reveal the missing knob from RALF and the settings for the dials.

All the way back down and out of the lighthouse. Go to the WW2 building and look behind the back row of chairs. Use your lamp to see and pick up the EVP/EMP goggles.


Go now to RALF and put the knob where it should be. Change the settings to: 01 C and y. The radio comes alive and so do the goggles. Put them on and you will see the numbers 120 180 020 and hear a disturbing voice.

Step back and now you have your goggles let's see what else you can discover with them.

Look closely at the pictures of the aircraft. The aircraft with the registration RVO causes the goggles to buzz again so put them on and see the missing pilot and the Y of the propeller.

If you use the goggles on the picture of the Spitfire with the registration AEA you will end up in what seems to be a futuristic kitchen.


There has been a party for Ivan, pity you weren't invited.

An aside: there is also a way to get here from 1912. Use your goggles on the wall behind the boiler. I'll let you find your own way in, it is somewhat more interesting than the through the Spitfire.

To the left of the microwave is an exit to a dark corridor that on investigation seems to be the accommodation. Check out all the rooms.

Corben Hunt. There are pictures from his children on his bed. One shows something flying above the lighthouse and the other is you. The letter in the message tube is from his wife speaking about the children's nightmares and tunnels under the rocks. On the desk is his MP3 player with a message from his children. Behind the model of the windsurfer on the left is a key. Take it, it may come in useful later.

Magnus Griel. Removed, and his room is locked.

Vimel Dehiya. Not much to see or read.

Ivan Krozt. The birthday boy. Under his magazines is a controller for the robot he got for his birthday. Since you don't know how to use it yet the robot remains inert.

Maria Ortega. The screen says it is open but you can't get in.

Mitsyo Taku. There is a touch screen on her bed. Touch the screen and read her diary. She is suspicious of somebody. She writes about the fingerprints and needs an xi-light to do her investigation, the code is 391865. Take a film strip from the box on the bed and leave the room.

Turn right. Go through the door and read the history of DEOS on the screen on the wall to the right.

You are at a 4-way junction. Straight ahead are 4 images of the probes; the image of Malakai has been erased. Go through the door. Use your key in the lock on the left and the door opens. The computer screen shows the same pattern you saw in the 1912 cave.

Go back to the 4 way junction and turn left. Round the corner and through the door is a medical centre. The x-rays on the wall have a strange star icon. Look behind the curtain and your googles bleep: the date is 00:05 20/04/90. Leave the medical centre and go forwards into the storeroom. Round the boxes and on the right is the dispenser. Enter the code 391865 and receive your xi-light.

Leave the store room, turn right at the 4-way junction and go back to the kitchen. On the counter opposite use your xi-light on the cup and take an imprint with your film strip of the fingerprint you see there.

Back to Taku's room and insert the film strip in to the imager on the left. The plasma screen displays the fingerprint. Use the arrow keys to scroll through until you get a result: Magnus. A voice says that nobody understands and speaks of Drake, Magnus and Polly and then Parker. This is not a nice person.

Go back to the kitchen and use your goggles on the picture of the Spitfire to return to 2004.

FETCH ROCK - 2004/1912

Knowing that there are links to other ages, go back to the lighthouse and see if you can find a way back to 1912.

Down in the old boiler room use your goggles on the picture of the boiler room on the wall and return to 1912. Note: You can also get back through the picture of the bunkroom on the second floor.

Climb the stairs to the lighthouse and go up to the first landing. Use your goggles on the map of Cornwall and you will see an X. Look at the book with 1912 on the cover and you goggles reveal the numbers: 160 140 090.

Up to the top floor and into Drakes room. Remember the transcript in the book? The pictures of Catherine and William on the wall have their ages on the back: 24 and 18. This means that their birthdates were 1888 and 1894. Add them together to get 3782. Horten said the prefix was R.

Open the closet and use your lamp. Move the clothes out of the way and enter the code R3782 into the lock. The door opens and inside is the image of Fetch Rock with the reeds. Use your goggles on the picture and you will be transported back to the Stone Age.


Turn about and go to the village. Turn right then go forwards. Use your goggles on the bowl of eggs and a blue icon is revealed:


Zoom out and go forwards past the fire. On the rock is a necklace with some very odd ornaments. Zoom out and follow the path to the end. Turn about, go forwards and look up at the rocks on the right. On the rocks is a floppy disk. Don't even want to try and guess how that got there. Take the disk with you.

Back down and forwards a little more. On the left is the entrance to a familiar cave. Go inside and turn right. Through the doorway to the end and right again. In the cavern is the Malakai probe that DEOS lost. Open the probe and touch the screen. There is a date, three coordinates and four icons.

Recall what information you already have:

Stoneage: Blue Icon

1912: X160 140 090

2004: Y120 180 020

Logic says that the other date must be here in the Stone Age and the other three icons in 1912, 2004 and 2090.

Close Malakai (a voice tells you to leave this place) and exit the cave. Go back to the village to the fire. Turn about and go between the tents. Follow the path the woodhenge. Use your goggles on the stone in the centre and then the wooden posts on the left, middle and right. You now have the Z coordinates: 180 110 150.

All the way back now out of the village to the island with the drying skins. This can be a bit confusing so: face the fire, go forwards twice to the waters edge, turn right, forwards, turn left, forwards three times and look right. Use your goggles to get back to 1912.


Let's look for some icons. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and look up at the lens. Use your goggles to see the yellow icon:


Climb all the way down to the bottom of the lighthouse, on the way your goggles will reveal a ghost on the stairs. Through the boiler house and outside. Round to the cave and back to 2004.

As you leave the cave you will see the green icon in the pool:


Go to the WW2 building and put the disk you found in the Stone Age into the disk drive. The screen will show you the robot and a colour palette. The purple is highlighted. Click on your controller and the get the order of the buttons using the colour palette: purple, green, red, blue, orange.

Go to the picture display and use your goggles on the spitfire to return to 2090.

Leave the kitchen and go into Ivan's room. Zoom in on the robot and press the buttons in the correct order. The robot turns and gives you a hologram of the purple icon:


You now have all the information you need to program the Malakai probe.

Back to the kitchen, use your goggles on the Spitfire and return to 2004. Go to the lighthouse and down to the boiler room where you can link to 1912 through the picture on the wall.

Climb to the top of the lighthouse and enter Drake's room. Open the secret door in the closet and link back to the Stone Age.


Make your way to the cave and Malakai. Open the probe and enter the date:

00:05 20/04/90

Now enter the three co-ordinates:

X 160 140 090

Y 120 180 020

Z 180 110 150

Now click on the icons until you have the correct sequence. You will need the colours from the drawing in Drake's locked drawer and the images you got from each of the ages:


When all is set, click on the forwards arrows at the bottom of the screen...


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