How to solve the Cureivale Steam Puzzle

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The underwater chamber in Curievale is probably the most challenging and it's very easy to get lost. So here is the illustrated solution and a map of the chamber.

Your task is to open a sequence of values and turn on heaters to melt the ice until you can exit right at the top.

From the vestibule doorway you can see the steam pipe with the green jets/lights. Just below is a steam valve. Connect to the Socket and open the valve to get the steam to new pipes.

Go right and round the corner.

Open the value and turn on the heater (you can link from one to the other):

Back past the vestibule door and down.

On the right is a frozen socket. Use your cavitation hammer to clear the ice.

Now turn the heater on.

Go round behind the heater and down to the left.

At the bottom, open the valve:

Back up and past the vestibule door and round the corner.

Turn on the heater down below and on the left:

Back past the vestibule door and go down to the heater.

Left then left again and all the way to the bottom.

Turn on the heater (above the pipe):

Back up and past the vestibule door and round until your path is blocked by valve rods:

Go back round the corner and close the valve:

Continue forwards and open the valve:

Go back to the valve rods and note the socket way up there:

Go up and walk to the wire mesh on your right.

Use your Cavitation Hammer to clear the ice from the socket.

Back down to the valve rods and you can now open that valve:

Back up to the mesh and forwards to the corner.

Open the valve down below:

Turn on the heater but don't disconnect.

Swing left and connect with the socket in the block of ice:

Turn on the heater.

Follow the new path to the spur on the right.

Look up to see an unpressurised valve;

Up to the next level and there is a heater down below on your right:

Turn the heater on.

Go forwards a bit and look right and there is a far away value in the gap between the pipe and the walkway:

Open the valve.

Back down to the spur and open the valve:

Back up and look up:

Turn the heater on.

Go fowards to the corner see the socket on the underside of the pipe with the frozen valve gear on the right:

Go up to the blocked path and turn the heater on:

Go up and round to the left to unfreeze the ice on the valve:

Go back down then right to the corner.

Look up and open the valve:

Back up to the next level and look up and left to see the icicle:

Get close and smash it with your Cavitation Hammer.

Open the valve:

Turn round and walk forwards past the huge pipe. If you open the valve your way is blocked.

Turn to face the three pipes. From the left number them 1, 2, 3:

Use the heater in between 2 and 3 to connect to and open valve 3:

Open valve 2.

Use the heater in between 2 and 3 to connect to and open valve 1 (you might need to adjust your position):

Turn on the heater to the left of pipe 3:

Follow the path and turn on the heater:

All that's left to do is open the Vestibule door.

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