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Welcome to the Firmament walkthrough. Like all walkthroughs, use it to help but take the time to explore yourself, you will discover much more on your journey than what is detailed here.

Before we begin. This walkthrough doesn't have lots of images. Images can spoil the game as you get to see all the surprises too early. This walkthrough tells you where to go and what to do but lets you make all the discoveries yourself.

If you like to watch video walkthroughs this one by Crossplay Gaming is one of the best.

Anyway, go have some fun in the Firmament.

Arrival | Curievale | Juleston | St Andrew | St Andrew Embrace | Juleston Embrace | Curievale Embrace


When you arrive you will be greeted by a Keeper. Listen to her instructions and go grab your Adjunct. This is a fun tool that is vital to navigating the Firmament.

If an object anywhere in Firmament can be used it goes green.

Do some exploring and read the book on the desk on the right as it explains how to use your Adjunct.

Climb the stairs. Left click and hold to aim at the socket and release to connect. This will activate your Adjunct display.

Press E to open the door. Q will close it again. Right click to disengage the Adjunct.

Open the next two doors and enter the bunker. The Keeper will keep talking and you may hear announcements (very 1984).

The socket here raises the bunker so do just that.


Exit the bunker and take a look around.

Use your Adjunct to raise the bridge.

Walk up the path to the second lamppost and take the small path to the left (footprints in the snow). Above you is a crane and way above that the Arch. Down below are some ice blocks. The path continues on the other side but the gap is too big to jump.

Back to the main path and walk to the top.

At the top is a lowered bridge. You can't raise the bridge because the crane is in the way.

Climb the ladder.

The socket here controls the crane.

Select Drive and move the crane Backwards until the display says 'Ice Ready'. Tab to select Lift and lower the crane until it grabs a block of ice and comes back up.

Now moove the crane forwards a little and lower the ice until it is level with the small path you visited earlier.

Down the ladder and raise the bridge if you want.

Down the path, turn right at the lamp post and cross to the other side.

Follow the path and raise the other part of the bridge if you want.

Continue up the path until you reach the blue Conveyance Pod on the left.

This will take you to The Swan. At The Swan you can explore other Realms. Do so if you wish but there is plenty more to do in Curievale.

Tip: make sure you go right in the Conveyance Pod. If not you can get stuck in the doors and it's game over.

Carry on up the path and raise the next bridge. Walk to end of the bridge and you can aim your Adjunct at the far socket to raise the other side of the bridge.

Up the path to a very solid door.

Look back towards the bridge and note the saddle below.

Back down to the bridge and up the ladder.

Save your game!

Raise the crane to the very top and bring the crane forwards to the bridge. If you don't raise the crane the ice block gets jammed on the rock saddle below the bridge.

Climb onto the crane and use the socket to drive the crane forwards until the ice block just clears the saddle. Don't go too far.

Walk to the back of the crane and use the socket on the bridge platform to lower the crane as far as it goes.

Save your game!

Use the socket on the crane to drive forwards until you see a cave opening on the right. It's just round the corner. If you don't lower the ice block enough it crashes into the cliff and can get stuck.

Into the cave and open the heavy door using the socket above the door.

Turn round and follow the path up to the bridge. The socket on the other side is too far away to connect to.

About turn and see a small path leading down the cliff face on the right.

At the bottom you can see a platform that is just out of reach. But you do have a block of ice you can use...

Note the metal bar sticking out. You could lower the ice block onto this.

Back to the bridge, raise the crane to the top and drive the crane forwards to the Ice Chute. Back it off intil it just clears the edge then lower.

You should see this on your display:.

Leave the bridge, go up the path, down the cliff path and use the block to access the platform. The hatch below your feet leads to where the ice is processed.

Up the ladder and use the socket to raise the crane and drive it forwards so the block is above the hatch.

Note the message on the wall. This is a clue as to what you will be doing later.

Climb on the block and you can use the socket to open the Chute Hatch. Note the lower hatch is still closed.

At the far end of the platform is a path leading up. At the top raise the bridge. You can see other structures in the far distance. Enter the Omniwheel Station. The socket outside the calls the Omniwheel if it's not where you are. The socket inside the Omniwheel takes you to the Reservoir.

The ride isn't a much fun as the maglev in Riven but it gets you where you need to be.

Leave the Omniwheel, raise the lift and go down. Follow the path down to the frozen reservoir. Across the other side are two heavy doors. One you can open with your Adjunct and one you can't (yet).

Through the door and carry on down the path to the Ice Factory.

Go inside and in the far left corner of the building is a Conveyance Pod. Use the socket to add the location to your Adjunct. There are often multiple Conveyance Pods in a realm that will take you quickly to other locations.

On the right is an opening leading out to a conveyer system, gantry crane, locked door, a valley down below and most importantly a block of ice on the right blocking the way to a path.

If you look at the frozen waterfall you can see icicles covering the Omniwheel track.

Below the icicles is a huge ice block with a walkway on top. That's where we need to go.

Go back inside the building and up the stairs on the far side near where you entered the building. Note the inspiring messages painted on the wall.

On the first level is a socket that opens the lower ice chute (aha!).

Go up to the next level and the bridge is missing. You can see a control room way above and ice block. You need to get up there but there isn't any access.

Maybe you can use the ice block you collected ages ago to help you...

Make sure the lower ice chute hatch is open then return to the Omniwheel. Ride the wheel back to Ice (that's what it says on my display). An alternate route is to use the Conveyance Pod in the factory and travel back to the Conveyance Pod near the upper bridge.

Go to the crane controls at the top of the cliff path.

Jump onto the ice block. If you haven't done so already open the upper hatch.

Connect with the crane controls and lower the hook. You will need to hold the control for a few seconds until everything engages.

Enjoy the ride.

At the bottom the block rolls forwards and pushes the other block off the platform.

On your left is a cage with a socket. Use the socket to move the platform closer so you can jump across.

Now go forwards until you hit the wall. Lower the cage until it stops.

On the platform you can initiate the ice processing - it's not needed now but essential later on.

Go up the stairs and outside onto the rotary crane. Look at the huge frozen waterfall and you can see some stairs with a big ice block below. That's where we need to go.

On the crane are two ladders. You need the first one. Down below in the Fore Cab is a socket that controls the crane.

You can rotate, extend, retract, raise and lower. You need to align the boom with the ice block.

It's a bit of a fiddle and you will need to go back and forth and up and down to clear the ice falls but you can smash the icicles out the way. Once aligned with the ice block, fully extent and lower.

TIP: Raise, Right, Backwards, Right, Forwards (smashing), Right, Forwards, Lower

Ideally you want to be in the left hand side of the block.

Leave the control cabin and before you go to the ice block walk to the other end and look down. You should be able to see a bridge control that's just too far away.

First Enhancement and Spire

Walk all the way back and onto the ice. Climb the stairs and pathway to the first building. Call the lift, go down and open the door. Back up and go the Omniwheel Station.

Take the Omniwheel to the Arch.

Go along the corridor and up in the lift. Into the round room and down the stairs. In the centre of the room is the machine with a door that opens. Hand over your Adjunct when the door opens again you get an enhancement. Turn about and test your Adjunct then Verify. You can now throw over a much further distance.

Behind the enhancement machine is a Conveyance Pod that would be useful to activate.

Use the socket above the big golden door. The next socket open the shutters.

You can now see most of Curievale

In front of you is the reservoir with the sunken structure you saw ages ago.

Connect with the socket and raise the Spire.

Remember that bridge socket you couldn't reach before? Let go and see if the enhancement will help.

Leave the Arch and go down the elevator. Take the Omniwheel back to the Falls. Take the path back down behind the falls and into the crane boom.

Walk to the other end and look down. If you can see the socket you can lower the bridge.

If you can't see the socket you will need to move the boom until you can.

With the bridge lowered go to the Aft Cab.

If you can lift the block out of the way you can get to the pathway behind and see where it leads.

You don't have to move the grab very far. Once in position, lower the crane and lift the block all the way up.

Last time I played I dropped the block and it rolled out the way!

Switch to the Forward control cab.

You need to return the boom to the factory so you can get back down to the ground.

There will be a bit of back and forth but it's not too complicated.

TIP: Raise up all the way, Backwards, Left, Forwards, Lower.

With the boom back on the Ice Factory platform enter the building. If you haven't already done so make sure you start the ice processing.

Make you way downstairs and out the building.

Go to the pathway you opened by moving the iceblock.

Up at the top raise the bridge.

Forwards and open the Heavy Door to gain access to the frozen reservoir.

Go to the lift and drop down to the lower level. Note the conveyor with the processed ice.

Go right and under the huge pipe.

Continue along the path. Round the back of the pit head is a lift. Go up and start the coal transport. If you look over the edge you will see the coal in the hoppers.

Back to the pipe and go left into the corridor. At the end is a socket that requires steam. Maybe something to do with that huge pipe?.

Back outside and into the domed building. Connect with the Conveyance Pod. You can explore upstairs and examine the furnace but you can't yet fire it up. But you do have ice and coal so you should at some point be able to generate steam.

That's about all you can do for now. You need more upgrades to finish your tasks in this realm.

Go to any of the Conveyance Pods and travel to The Swan.

At the Swan you can explore but there isn't much you can do except travel to Juleston or St Andrew. The names of the realms are below the door of each Conveyance Pod.


A little bit warmer here.

Go right up the path and down to the left until you reach the Bunker. No power.

Back up the path and across the bridge to the centre of the reservoir. Exit off the left bridge and examine the huge gate.

Go right around the reservoir to the socket on the pipe. No power.

Go down the path to the Omniwheel Station. You can't call the lift because, no power (again).

Back up the path and onto the Reservoir. Exit off the left bridge. Note the sunken path on your right.

Take the path down to the left (under the rock arch) and past the lift tower. At the end of the path you can see some sort of power station.

Back along the path and go left then left again and follow the path down to the walkway.

Follow the walkway to the main power switch.

The socket says you have 25V but the controller says you need 115V.

The walkways down below have a number of colour coded rotating conectors. They are connected to submerged batteries powered by the red sulphuric acid in the water. Circuits are made using the busbars above each connector. Once you have a complete circuit between the left and right walkways you will see the voltage on your Adjunct display. The sockets on each connector rotate left or right to build the circuit.

You can experiment to discover the value of each colour by creating different circuits.

The values are: Red: 20V, Yellow: 15V, Green: 10V, Blue: 5V.

Took me about an hour to find these values. Loads and loads of switching back and forth.

There are lots of ways to get 115V. This is one of them:

From the right walkway: Green > Green > Green > Yellow > Yellow > Red > Red > Yellow.

If the Display now shows 115V return to the main controller and turn it on! The flashing red lights go green.

Head back to the lift and take the Omniwheel to the Arch.

The same procedure as in Curievale.

Along the corridor, up in the lift, down the stairs, connect with the Conveyance Pod, get the enhancement.

To verify the enhancement you need to connect the top right socket, aim at the left socket and click then aim at the far right socket and click then Verify.

This is a very useful enhancement as it not only means you can connect multiple sockets you can also access hidden sockets.

Open the golden door and open the shutters.

You can now see most of Juleston

Raise the spire.

Lots more to do in Juleston but not just yet. Unless you want to take a look in the Bunker.

Use any Conveyance Pod and travel to The Sawn.

One more Realm to visit.

St Andrew

A lush and verdant Realm. After enjoying the view look up and see the gardens. In particular note the positions of the transport and tenders.

Way up the top in a cage is a crane we will be needing later.

Go up the stairs and take note of the vault locations on the clipboard on the table:.

It seems that to get to the conservatory you need to repair the rails. This requires a lot of logic and manoeuvring.

Save your game before you start!

  1. Up the stairs and onto the tender
  2. Couple with the transport
  3. Forwards 2
  4. Up 1 to level B
  5. Forwards 1
  6. Up 1 to level A
  7. Couple the second tender
  8. Reverse 1
  9. Enter vault 4C
  10. Down the stairs (note the planters in the main atrium)
  11. Open vault 1C and check there is a tender
  12. Open vault 4C
  13. Up the stairs to the transport
  14. Up 1 to the crane level
  15. Reverse 2
  16. Up the ladder
  17. Connect your Adjunct with the crane and send it forwards
  18. Down the ladder
  19. Uncouple the second tender
  20. Send crane all the way forwards (you will have to move the transport forwards at least once)
  21. Lower the hook to install the rail
  22. Down twice to level B
  23. Reverse and couple the second tender
  24. Down to level C
  25. Go from 4C to 1C
  26. Couple the tender
  27. Up to level A
  28. Forwards 2

Up in the lift and up the stairs to the plaza.

Go to the right hand door, open then purge. The inner door opens and you can add the Conservatory to your Adjunct locations.

Wander round and discover the rest area and those planters you saw earlier.

At the back of the chamber is a lift shaft. That's where you need to go but the way is blocked. But you can see a small platform on the other side of the chamber. Maybe you can use the planters to get there.

A bit of experimenting with the sockets will tell you the planter columns are numbered 1 to 4.

The nearest to you is one. The exit on the other side is three. Two is one the left and Four on the right.

Save your game before you start!

Here we go:.

  1. Lower 1 and move to 1
  2. Raise 4 and move to 4
  3. Lower 3 and move to 3 - this is the planter that will connect eventually to the mezzanine
  4. Lower 3 three times (won't go any further)
  5. Raise 4 and move to 4
  6. Lower 4 twice
  7. Connect with the socket at the bottom
  8. Rotate twice (either direction will do)
  9. Raise 3 twice and move to 3
  10. Lower 2 as far as it goes
  11. Raise 3 twice and move to 2
  12. Raise 2 until level with mezzanine
  13. Lower 3

Exit onto the mezzanine and go down in the lift.

Out to the Omniwheel.

Travel to the reservoir go down the stairs and do some exploring. Going up in the lift you can activate the Conveyance Pod (useful for later hint hint).

You may also find the Camedus which you can power up and summon and even go for a drive. But you don't need to just yet.

Back to the Omniwheel and on to the Arch.

Same procedure as before:

Along the corridor, up in the lift, down the stairs and upgrade the Adjunct to get the Amplified Force.

Engage with the socket to get your power booster.

Open the door and open the shutters.

You can now see the St Andrew reservoir.

Raise the spire

With all your enhancements and the three spires raised it's time to Embrace.

Lets begin where we are.

St Andrew Embrace

To get to the spire we need to drain the reservoir.

The quickest way to get there is via the Conveyance Pod if you activated them both.

On the outer rail are 4 irrigation valves (2 each side of the lift). Open all 4 valves.

But to get the water flowing we need to open the valves at the other end of the four pipes.

Back down in the lift and out through the left doorway.

Follow the walkway until you get to the harvester AKA Camedus.

Link the power socket to the tower and from there to the Camedus.

Once powered, disengage two links. The display will now let you summon the Camedus.

Climb aboard and use the socket to open the hatch.

Down the ladder and note the lower hatch at the back with controls to raise and lower the Camedus.

At the front is a cab with the driving controls: forwards, reverse, left and right. Not that complicated but simpler if you stand on the circle and keep the socket in front of you.

On the wall is a diagram showing the four irrigation pipes and the locations of the valves.

You can open the valves in any order, I went green, orange, red and yellow.

Green Irrigation Valve

From the dock go round to the left. You will see some metal walkways on the top of the cliff. Head towards the gantry. When you are close enough the Camedus will dock itself (which is handy).

You should also see the valve location in your display.

Exit the Camedus and climb up the walkway.

At the far end of the structure is a socket that will raise the Bunker that feels very similar to the one where you began your journey and maybe saw in Juleston.

Step inside and lower.

Open the heavy door to the walkway and open the valve. You should hear the water flowing.

Back to the Camedus.

Orange Irrigation Valve

Go forwards and follow the orange pipe round the bluff. The valve is very near the irrigation tank.

You will need to back in until the valve is below the rear hatch. This can take a while to position. Lots of left and right and shuffling back and forwards.

Once positioned open the valve.

Red Irrigation Valve

Go forwards and round to the left.

On the pipe is a door that shields the valve. Go round the back and climb up onto the roof. Use your Adjunct to lower the door.

Back inside and position the rear hatch over the valve.

Once positioned open the valve.

Yellow Irrigation Valve

Go forwards and round to the left. Follow the valley through the shadow and round to the right.

Get close to the dock and the auto-dock takes over.

Onto the gantry and down the stairs to the socket. This raises the bridge section but lowers the one connected to the Camedus.

Go all the way to the bottom and you can see the valve but it's inside a cage.

If you look up you can connect to the Camedus which if lowered should get you close enough to connect to the value.

Lower the Camedus until it is level with the bridge you raised earlier. Get inside and lower all the way. Up onto the roof and you can open the valve.

Raise the Camedus all the way.

Leave the facility and return to the main dock (where you started).

Along the gangway to the lift and then up to the reservoir.

If all done correctly the reservoir will be empty and you can cross to the spire.

Go up twice in the lift and without moving connect the socket and Engage.

Congratulations, you are now one-third Enhanced.

Back down and exit the spire. Go to any Conveyance Pod and return to The Swan.

You can now visit either of the other two realms to access their spires. I went to Juleston first (because Curievale is real pain to do).

Juleston Embrace

From The Swan go to Juleston Reservoir.

From the Conveyance Pod go up the path and then down to the lift (through the rock arch).

Up in the lift, across the bridge and walk up to the huge gate.

You need to connect all three sockets in the right order. This is top left, top right and then bottom.

Inside is the sulphur mine and processing factory.

The rail leads to two mine carts each full of sulphur. There are a set of points, a door with a malfunctioning socket and a mine cart blocking the entrance.

Go across the set of points and round to the right. Follow the path and up the ladder to the mixing tank.

Cross over and do some exploring.

Down to the factory floor, connect with the mine cart and reverse it out the way - you will need to walk behind so you don't lose the connection.

Switch the points and go get a full mine cart.

Bring it back to the processing plant and it will automatically unload.

Push the now empty mine cart back up the track. Switch the points. Get the other empty mine cart and pull it forwards.

Switch the points and push the empty mine cart up the track.

Switch the points and go get the remaining full mine cart. Pull it back to the processing plant and unload.

Up the stairs and begin processing.

Down the stairs and back outside. Water and sulphur should be mixing in the tank.

Just inside the entrance are two diagrams showing the locations and function of the sockets on the mixer blades.

The nearest socket on the bridge unlocks the catches. The far socket is covered in dried sulphur.

The socket in the centre rotates the mixer blades and the sockets at the top of the arches raise and lower the blades.

Off to one side you can see a hatch in the wall encrusted with sulphur deposits.

If you explored all of Juleston you would have found the bunker with some clues about what needs to be done.

We need to rotate the upper bridge so it aligns with the lower section. Then lock the two parts together and rotate so you can access the crusted vat hatch.

  1. Lower the blades using the upper socket
  2. Down the stairs and into the Vestibule
  3. Don the bulwark kit and use your cavitation hammer (R key) the blast away the sulphur from the door
  4. Walk across the bridge to the far set of locks and blast away the sulphur
  5. Unlock the locks
  6. If you look around you will see the discharge valve doors are covered in sulphur but you can't close enough to clear it. What you can see are blue interlocks on the lower blade part. These were also shown on the wall diagrams
  7. Back to the Vestibule and doff the bulwark kit
  8. Upstairs and outside
  9. Raise the blades
  10. From the hardstanding rotate the paddles using the central socket until the two parts are parallel (as shown on your display)
  11. Down the stairs and don the bulwark kit
  12. When the door opens use any socket to couple all interlocks
  13. Doff the bulwark kit and up the stairs
  14. Now rotate the mixer until it aligns with the vat hatch discharge valve
  15. Down the stairs don the bulwark kit, uncouple the pins and doff the bulwark kit
  16. Back outside and rotate so the blade so it aligns with the doorway
  17. Lower the mixing blades
  18. Back down to the airlock and Don the bulwark kit
  19. Blast away the sulphur from the hatch
  20. Return to the airlock and Doff the bulwark kit

Up the stairs and round to the vat hatch socket.

Open the hatch and enter the control cage.

Empty the holding tank.

You can check the socket at the end of the path and it says not enough.

Back up the stairs and start the processor again.

Down the stairs and wait for processing to complete then empty the holding tank.

Go to the socket at the end of the path and empty the tanks.

Lots of chocking smoke and the power resets. Which is pain as we need to now build a new battery path.

Because the power is out the main gate has closed so the only way out is via the Conveyance Pod.

Travel to the reservoir, exit the pod and go up the path.

Down through the arch and go right then left to the battery compound.

All that additional acid has given the batteries a boost.

The voltages are now: Red: 25V, Yellow: 20V, Green: 15V, Blue: 10V.

This a way to get 115V with the new voltages:

From the right walkway: Green > Blue > Blue > Blue > Green > Green > Yellow > Yellow.

Engage with the main control and turn on the power.

Back up the path to the elevator and go up.

Head for the reservoir and the pumping tower. The green light indicates power but you need to activate the pumps.

Once you do so the reservoir will drain.

Back to the elevator and go down.

Up the path to the left and keep going until you get to the no longer sunken bridge.

Cross to the Spire and go up twice.

Link to the socket at the top and get Enhanced!.

Two put of three complete. Back to the Swan and return to the Processor in Curievale.

Curievale Embrace

Go to the domed building in Curievale if you aren't already there.

You need to have processed the iceblock and started the coal supply.

Go up the stairs to the furnace.

Connect the 3 electrodes (one is hidden behind the furnace) to the cathode.

Now connect with the socket in front of the furnace and fire it up!.

Leave the building and cross to the buiding opposite.

The socket at the end of the tunnel should how have steam do you can open the vestibule door.

Don the suit and enter the chilly waters.

This is probable the most difficult part to complete. Took me ages.

Your task is to open a sequence of values and turn on heaters to melt the ice until you can exit right at the top.

If you get hopelessly lost here is an illustrated guide to the Cureivale Steam Chamber and a map of the chamber.

  1. You can see the steam pipe in front with the green jets/lights. Just below is a steam valve. Connect to the socket and open the valve
  2. Go right and round the corner
  3. Open the value and turn on the heater (you can link from one to the other)
  4. Back past the door and down
  5. On the right is a frozen socket. Use your cavitation hammer to clear the ice
  6. Turn the heater on
  7. Go round behind the heater and down to the left
  8. At the bottom, open the valve
  9. Back up to the door and round the corner
  10. Turn on the heater down below and on the left
  11. Back past the door and go down to the heater
  12. Left then left again and all the way to the bottom
  13. Turn on the heater (above the pipe)
  14. Back up to the door and round until your path is blocked by valve rods
  15. Go back round the corner and close the valve
  16. Continue forwards and open the valve
  17. Go back to the valve rods and note the socket way up there
  18. Go up and walk to the wire mesh on your right
  19. Use your Cavitation Hammer to clear the ice from the socket
  20. Back down to the valve rods and you can now open that valve
  21. Back up to the mesh and forwards to the corner
  22. Open the valve down below
  23. Turn on the heater but don't disconnect
  24. Swing left and connect with the socket in the block of ice
  25. Turn on the heater
  26. Follow the new path to the spur on the right
  27. Look up to see an unpressurised valve
  28. Up to the next level and there is a heater down below on your right
  29. Turn the heater on
  30. Forwards to the corner and look right a there is a far away value in the gap between the pipe and the walkway
  31. Open the valve
  32. Back down to the spur and open the valve
  33. Up to the next level and look up
  34. Turn the heater on
  35. Go fowards to the corner see the socket on the underside of the pipe with the frozen valve gear on the right
  36. Go up to the blocked path and turn the heater on
  37. Go up and round to the left to unfreeze the ice on the valve
  38. Go down then right to the corner
  39. Look up and open the valve
  40. Up to the next level and look up and left to see the icicle
  41. Get close and smash it with your Cavitation Hammer
  42. Open the valve
  43. Turn round and go forwards past the huge pipe in front of you. If you open the valve your way is blocked.
  44. Turn to face the three pipes. From the left number them 1, 2, 3
  45. Use the heater in between 2 and 3 to connect to and open valve 3
  46. Open valve 2
  47. Use the heater in between 2 and 3 to connect to and open valve 1
  48. Turn on the heater to the left of pipe 1
  49. Follow the path and turn on the heater

Finished. That was quite a challenge.

Exit through the Vestibule.

Follow the corridor and up twice in the lift.

Engage and Enhance!.

The Swan.

Going to leave minimal clues in this section so I don't spoil the surprise.

Make you way to any Conveyance Pod in any Realm and travel to The Swan.

Go up the stairs at the back and onto the bridge.

Connect with the socket and go up.

Go up the stairs.

Go to the Destination in the Conveyance Pod.

How many of the scientists do you recognise?.

The two sockets are Externally Locked.

Go down the stairs and enter the Vestibule.

Don the Bulwark Kit (again).

Outside and down in the lift.

Walk round and go down the ladder.

Unlock the Coupling Module.

Back inside and you can now unlock the Coupling Modules.

You are on your own now. Enjoy the finale.

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